Two Way Radio

In the age of smart phones and tablet computers, some people might be surprised that older forms of two way radio live on. Yet devices like walkies-talkies are still essential to many professions. Law enforcement, emergency responders, taxi services, and broadcasting companies are just a handful of the groups that rely on two way radio every day.

Two Way Radio

Two Way Radio

The use of two way radio prospers in the professional realm because it is dependable. Over the years it has demonstrated its value time and time again. In the amateur realm, this technology remains popular because it is fun and challenging.

A person who likes to tinker can build his or her own ham radio. The less technically inclined can readily purchase a wide array of two way radio equipment. A number of devices are quite affordable, so the financial barriers to entry into the world of amateur radio need not be high. For example, a basic radio scanner costs a good deal less than what most people earn in a week. Of course, anyone with extra money to spend can purchase the most spectacular equipment on the market.

While equipment that is not built from scratch takes little time to obtain, people who are really serious about two way radio must usually invest time in obtaining an amateur radio license. A license allows a hobbyist to access important CB radio channels. The licensing requirements vary by country, but multiple written exams are the norm. These requirements are not usually a problem, however, because radio enthusiasts tend to be so excited about their hobby that they enjoy studying for the rigorous tests.

The popularity of two way radio is evidenced by the number of radio clubs that exist around the world. Beginners can easily find support and inspiration from their local clubs. If the vitality of today’s radio clubs is any indication, this hobby will be around for many more years to come.

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